March 2014

Sometime this year all my past albums will go up on Bandcamp; they'll likely all be freebies. I might try going back a bit and pulling out some older albums that never really got past the "cassette-only" phase.

Just finished upgrading the studio with a new workstation and some new tech (both software and hardware goodies). What with all these lovely new trinkets and things to wire together, I suppose I should try and write something new. So, that's on the chore list for 2014 as well. The first thing that springs to mind is that Carl Sagan piece, but since that is already partway written, that might be cheating. We will see...

Ephemeral Sun is still rolling. Hopefully something new will emerge, although there's no real timeframe at this point. We'll probably play a show or two this year, at the very least.