Only Ordinary Men (Unreleased 2010)

A personal tribute to Richard Wright of Pink Floyd, originally intended for 'In This Hour' but dropped.

All I Have (alternate version) (Unreleased 2008)

Alternate arrangement of a song by singer Goose. Original version (along with some other tunes featuring keys by yours truly) here.

Roadside Memorials (Unreleased 2006)

Inspired by the myriad roadside shrines to accident victims on our roads and highways.

Sad Old Moon (Unreleased 2005)

The lead has somewhat of a blues feel.

Hymn (Unreleased 2005)

More about spirituality than religion, the title has it's origin in the exploration of Saturn's moon Titan.

A Doll for Grandmother (Unreleased 2004)

About my grandmother and her illness.

Sleepwalker (from 'The Insomnia Stone' 2003)
She is Drowning (from 'The Insomnia Stone' 2003)

Two pieces from my favorite album thus far.

Her Heart Bled Tears (Unreleased 2003)

A leftover from 'The Insomnia Stone' stuff.

The Windrunners (edit) (from 'The Melting Culture' 2003)

Featuring Laurie Ann Haus (Ephemeral Sun) on wordless vocals.

Technolution (from 'The Machine Man' 2000)
Carnival of the Machine God (from 'The Machine Man' 2000)
Her Eyes Will Haunt Me (from 'The Machine Man' 2000)

Three pieces from 'The Machine Man.' Slightly more electronic, more progressive than other bits.

October Nights (from 'Four Impressions' 2000)
The Swimming Pool (from 'Four Impressions' 2000)
The Drunken Romantic (from 'Four Impressions' 2000)

Three of the four tracks from a limited release. 'Swimming Pool' is still one of my favorite songs.

A few additional songs and edits from my CDs can be found on my old Soundclick page.