You can find full-length mp3s from some of these albums on my Music page.

In This Hour
Ambient symphonic music. Very melancholy. Click on album art above to download the album for free.

Der Golem
Imaginary soundtrack for the landmark German silent film. Refined over three years of performances and late nights locked away in the studio.

Visit the Der Golem microsite and download album for free here

One Leg Dance
Live material from 1994-2005. Title track a 'paraphrasing' of the Berlin style of electronic music.

Visit the One Leg Dance microsite

The Insomnia Stone
Atmospheric textures and dramatic film-esque music. A more streamlined approach, with wonderfully lush results. Still a personal favorite.

The Machine Man
2000 (Issued 2004)
Progressive symphonic concept album. 10 years of effort in 70 minutes. Very eclectic, fairly cinematic in scope.

The Melting Culture
1996 (Issued 2002)
Very, very loose world music motif at work here. "The Windrunners" track features vocals by the very talented Laurie Ann Haus.

Behind The Mask
1995 (Issued 2001)
Earliest concept album, closest to new age as I ever got or plan to get. Had a vague circus motif. The first release to actually turn a small profit when originally released on cassette.