Words About Someone Who Makes Wordless Music.

The notion of an artist bio is, in my opinion, tied to marketing, particularly when one is courting record labels and other business entities. As an independent with no actual commercial ambitions, my bio teeters on oxymoronic.

I write music all the time. Sometimes a song will move me enough that I'll upload it to share with everyone. Sometimes I will release an "album" if it feels right.

While I have more or less embraced digital files as a viable music distribution tool, I am still somewhat "old world" and have a great fondness for physical releases. My hope is that I can sustain enough demand to warrant something physical, even in very limited quantities.

When I was much younger, I experienced synaesthesia when playing the piano; I also commonly experience ASMR from particular sounds, although not generally when I myself am playing.

I am a founding member of Ephemeral Sun, a prog/metal/fusion group based in Northern Virginia.

Yes, I took all the pictures on this website. No, I haven't considering doing photography as a profession.

The best environment for listening to this music is a dark room with the volume turned up.

Four musicians who influenced me significantly were Bruce Hornsby, Richard Wright (RIP), Vangelis Papathanassiou and Johannes Schmoelling.

I actually know the proper pronunciation for Vangelis, but rarely remember to use it.

If you tell me my music reminds you of Yanni, I will not be flattered.

I often avoid performing solo electronic shows, because while the music may be interesting I make a poor visual subject. Live soundtracks for silent films are a great compromise, and I had great fun with Der Golem for a number of years.

My music was once declared a suitable soundtrack for romantic liaisons. This would have been a far more interesting revelation had it not been relayed first to my parents.

I am very uncomfortable with being photographed, although there are odd exceptions.

People sometimes suggest I record versions of my songs with vocals to make them better.

People sometimes find themselves told to f*** off.

If you email me and ask nicely, I am happy to share unreleased music with you to whatever extent it is available.

While I may not be commercially-inclined, I am not a pushover. I do not wish for my music to be uploaded or downloaded without my permission.

Beacons typically attract attention, while lighthouses historically are used to warn of dangerous coasts. I don't know if my music is a beacon, or a lighthouse.